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Weekly Feature: Xsensible


Xsensible® is a well-known shoe brand worldwide. This is due, in part, to its stretch leather innovation that gives the wearer maximum movement despite any health issues that may be present. The company, named Nimco, initially began in 1904 with the main focus on producing footwear for women and children. Nearly 70 years later, after two world wars, Nimco restarted the production of footwear for children and women, but also developed options for those suffering from medical issues pertaining to the feet. This encouraged the company to branch out and begin developing technologies that put their shoes at the forefront of the footwear world.

1990 brought an innovation to Nimco that “unleashed a revolution in the shoe industry” (History, 2015). Their Xsensible® stretch leather technology is a globally patented design that is particularly suited to those with diabetes. Today, that technology is known at Xsensible® as “leather with a memory.” Although natural stretching will take place through normal wear and tear, Xsensible® has shown that through testing done on their footwear, the shoe will return to its original shape – even after 50,000 footsteps. (About Us, 2015) The outermost layer is made of real leather that has undergone a special treatment process to allow the footwear to be extra stretchable. It’s what gives the footwear its maximum freedom of movement because Xsensible® understands that no two pairs of feet are the same.

Among other innovations, Nimco also acquired the license in 2007 to a Japanese shoe sole that assists in balance retention. This launched a new collection of shoes named Stretchwalker. In three years time, The Sensible Shoe Company – a division within the Nimco organization – also developed Classicwalker and Mywalker. These three collections all use the patented stretch leather technology. Today, these three brands became known only as Xsensible®. (History, 2015)

Only Xsensible® shoes shape themselves directly to the shape of the foot, … breaths naturally and ensures a comfortable temperature. (History, 2015)

Quick Facts

  • 100% bi-stretch leather
  • 70% stretch in width
  • 30% stretch in length
  • Super lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Freedom of movement
  • Water resistant

As a valued and loyal customer, you know that by coming into our showroom we will have a variety of styles and brands for you to choose from. However, sometimes there are brands that we do not directly carry in-store, as is the case with Xsensible®. Should you be interested in purchasing a pair of footwear from Xsensible®, please feel free to visit us in store and we’ll be happy to order them for you. We thank you for your continued patronage.FootFoundation

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