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Weekly Feature: Wolky

Do you find that you’re often searching for that perfect pair of shoes? The ones that make it feel like you’re walking on air? Well, your search can come to an end! Foot Foundation may be able to provide you with the footwear you’re looking for.

Compared to many brand names offered at Foot Foundation, this company is still fairly young. Wolky is a Dutch, family-run company that was established in 1982. Wolky, a Dutch word for cloud, began their production of footwear with the Alto, a woman’s sandal. Today, Wolky “has grown to include shoes, heels, clogs, boots, moccasins, and more for both ladies and gents” (Wolky North America, Inc,  2014).

As with all footwear produced and manufactured by Wolky, they focus on ensuring that customers are comfortable. Their leather-covered footbeds include high-grade memory foam, which creates a cushion that moulds to the wearer’s foot. Wolky also creates their footwear with natural contoured cork within the footbeds. This helps to absorb any shock experienced with natural wear. The purpose for their special anatomical design is to spread weight evenly throughout the entire foot for a comfortable stride. (Wolky North America, Inc, 2014)

Need more stability for your foot? Well, in many cases, the footbeds are removable. This can allow you to insert your custom orthotic into your favourite pair of Wolky shoes. At Foot Foundation, we carry standard modified, direct moulded, or cast-moulded orthotics. Stop in today and see which orthotic is best for you. Give your feet the gift of comfort.

Please note: Wolky footwear is not in stock at Foot Foundation. Please call or visit us in store. We’d be happy to help you order your favourite pair of Wolky footwear.


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