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Weekly Feature: Royer


In 1934 New England, Louis-Philippe Royer was struggling to provide for his family’s basic necessities. In the midst of a terrible economic crisis, he opened a small workshop in his house. This allowed him to use his previously learned skills as a shoemaker to craft and produce construction boots for those working in the fields.

Due to the economic situation, Louis-Philippe was unable to afford the expensive and necessary equipment needed to continue in his trade. Using his entrepreneurial skills and personal ingenuity, Louis-Philippe searched industrial catalogues for inspiration. In doing so, he was able to invent and build his own equipment needed for the production of his work boots.

By 1965, Louis-Phillipe’s son, Henri, took over the family business. Henri focused on improving operations as well as products in order to keep ROYER a competitive company. Soon, ROYER began to consult with both customers and other partners in an effort to provide products that would meet the specific needs of those in different trades and not just the fields.

Henri’s son, Yves Royer, took central command of the business in 1986. As the company expanded he began to focus heavily on the quality of the human resources department as well as the expertise of all team members. His goal was to better prepare ROYER for the globalization of the footwear market. By focusing on how the business could better reach their clients, Yves knew that the company would have a more successful chance of flourishing with the upcoming changes. Through this process, Yves integrated into ROYER the concept of “value-added production, the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality system, as well as invested in the new XPAN® rubber sole dual density molding technology, exclusive only to the ROYER brand in North America” (Royer Inc., 2013)

Today, ROYER is a survivor of the Canadian footwear industry. All thanks to the Royer family’s insight into the ever-growing demands and needs of the market as well as the ingenuity and entrepreneurial skill-set needed to accomplish such a work.

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