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Weekly Feature: P.W. Minor

Do you often spend a great deal of time searching for shoes that fit your feet properly? Perhaps you need extra depth to assist with ankle control and support. Or maybe you need shoes that allow for various corrective or supportive assistants such as orthotics or highly customized orthopedic devices and/or braces.

Well, look no further! Foot Foundation carries footwear that accommodates such requests.

P.W. Minor was originally known as Minor Brothers Boots and Shoes, when the company was started by two Civil War veterans  in 1865. Peter Wycoff Minor and his brother, Abrahm Vorhees, saw a need for hand-crafted, quality shoes and boots for men and women alike, starting in their hometown of Interlaken, New York. Working alongside 20 shoemakers, they opened their manufacturing business in 1867, using traditional materials and the latest techniques of that time period to produce the highest quality footwear available. (pwminor, 2012)

More than 145 years later, P.W. Minor still remains true to this commitment. They’re still crafting shoes from their factory in Batavia, New York. And they’re still engineering and building comfort and precision into every pair of footwear produced. (pwminor, 2012)

P.W. Minor is committed to craftsmanship. In every pair of shoes they design, they look at the best possible way to optimize health and performance. This is evident in their innovative designs such as their Stable Walkers, a shoe that offers “true comfort and support as the foot rolls through its natural gait” (pwminor, 2012). Your foot is an important part of your body, and P.W. Minor understands that.

With 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, the foot is a highly complex and sensitive part of your body. (pwminor, 2012)

At Foot Foundation, we feel that the importance you place on your feet is imperative. Having healthy feet means that you will have comfortable feet. We stock a variety of footwear options from P.W. Minor in order to offer you the broadest range in shoe sizes, widths, and depths. If you suffer from any conditions such as bunions, corns, calluses, blisters, hammer toes, or plantar fasciitis, or if you have diabetes or other health concerns, ensure that you acquire the correct shoes for all lifestyle activities. Proper footwear is vital in assisting with any lower limb issues.

Visit us in store to see our full selection of P.W. Minor footwear or to book an appointment with our Certified Orthopedic Footwear Specialist. Let us help you find the right shoes for your everyday activities.


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