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Weekly Feature: OrthoFeet


“Orthofeet is the premium brand of specialty footwear biomechanically designed to provide consumers with ultimate mobility, comfort and protection for an improved quality of life” (OrthoFeet).

In 1984, two brothers, Aharon Bar, Ph.D, and Michael Bar, combined their expertise in foot biomechanics and orthotic design to establish OrthoFeet. In doing so, the Bar brothers pioneered footwear construction innovations. Today, OrthoFeet shoes contain advanced orthotic support features, patented closure systems, and superior protective linings and designs among other innovations. (OrthoFeet)

OrthoFeet has become a leading producer and manufacturer of various footwear styles for adults with medical foot conditions or those with limited mobility. For OrthoFeet, their main focus is on their customers and they are committed to ensuring the highest degree of customer service and satisfaction.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from debilitating health issues such as arthritis or diabetes, OrthoFeet footwear may be an excellent option for you to pursue. Stop by today to view our selection of OrthoFeet footwear. We’d be happy to find you a shoe style that fits your lifestyle.FootFoundation

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