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Weekly Feature: NEW Portofino Shoes

Are you looking for a pair of office shoes that work with the changing weather? Or, maybe you’re in need of a pair comfortable, yet dressy, shoes for those upcoming holiday parties you’ll be attending? At Foot Foundation we carry a style of shoe that fits all those criteria and more.

Introducing the new Portofino dress shoe for women!

These Spanish made shoes have a full leather upper with an adjustable Velcro strap to provide added support. This Mary Jane style of shoe also includes elastic goring across the front portion of the shoe. This provides you with optimal comfort in both the office or, during the entire Christmas season and on into the New Year. An added benefit of the Portofino ND 18016 is its removable insole. This gives you, the wearer, the opportunity to insert your own custom-fitted orthotics, allowing you to go through the holiday season in comfort as well as style.

Are you currently looking for more comfort in your footwear? Why not book an appointment with our Certified Orthopedic Footwear Specialist, Ray Bauman. All our custom orthotics are made on-site, which allows us to tailor your orthotics to your specific needs. When you visit us in store regarding orthotics, an intial gait test will be completed to assess your walking pattern as well as a mobility test of your feet and ankles while you are seated. A series of pertinent questions will be addressed including, work environment and severity of pain experienced on a daily basis.

Curious to know which orthotics work best for you? We have a number of options available at Foot Foundation for all budgets.

Standard Modified: This option takes a standard shelf orthotic and modifies it slightly by adding pre-made parts to increase the arch support. No moulding is done with this option to form it to your foot.

Direct Moulding: With direct moulding, an orthotic is heated and then formed to your foot using a variety of foam components as needed. After cooling, the orthotic is cut to fit into your shoe. A single, direct moulded orthotic can be completed within 30 minutes and adjustments are made as needed for up to one year.

Cast-Moulded: These orthotics require a much more lengthy process as the orthotic is created and formed to fit your foot in a more specific manner. Initially, a foam impression is made of your foot and then filled with plaster. Once the cast is created, raw materials are then moulded around the cast model of your foot to create a customized orthotic. This orthotic has the most ideal support for any wearer. Adjustments are made as needed.

Any of these orthotic options can be used to provide added support and comfort to your Portofino footwear. Hurry in today and try on a pair!


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