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Weekly Feature: NEW Hi-Tech Hiking Boots

Foot Foundation found a new style of footwear to help you brave the blustery months ahead. And you’re in luck! They’ve just arrived in-store so you can try on and take home your very own Altitude V boots by Hi-Tech!


Altitude V boots provide the protection without any of the bulk that often comes with fall and winter footwear. A waterproof leather upper and rubber toe bumper offers durability. Hi-Tech also has designed it’s Altitude boots with a number of innovative technologies. “Thinsulate™ insulation, is a cold weather technology which works by trapping air molecules between the wearer and the outside” (Hi-Tech Sports Ltd., 2014). This microfibre insulation is far finer than most other fibre insulations, which allows them to trap more air in less space.

Altitude boots are also equipped with Dri-Tech technology which are designed to make the footwear waterproof with a breathable membrane. This design allows Altitude boots to be completely waterproof for the wearer, while still allowing excellent vapour transmission for the internal portion of the boot. (Hi-Tech Sports Ltd., 2014)
 Hi-Tech also designs many of their athletic and outdoor shoes with OrthoLite® technology. This is an insole technology designed to improve the internal conditions of footwear that experience unusually high levels of moisture and extreme temperature variations. There are various components that make OrthoLite® technology a superior choice to Hi-Tech footwear.


Breathable – This insole technology allows air to circulate around the foot because of its open-cell foam design. This allows your foot to keep cool inside the shoe, regardless of the conditions outside the shoe.
Moisture management – The open-cell foam design of OrthoLite® insoles also creates a moisture management system within the shoe. By moving moisture away from the foot it allows the foot to remain drier. When you take your shoes off, any remaining moisture quickly dries as airflow is encouraged due to the open cell network within the foam insole.
Long term cushioning – Hi-Tech’s OrthoLite® technology is designed to allow your insole to retain over 95% of its thickness. This means that, over time, the unique spring-back technology won’t allow your insole to flatten out.
Anti-microbial agents – OrthoLite® patented anti-microbial formulation helps fight fungi, bacterias, and odours that are typically found in your shoes. This anti-microbial is added during formulation so that it is linked directly to the foam and, because of this, over time it will not wear off.
Lightweight – OrthoLite® is extremely lightweight which provides optimum performance without adding weight to the shoe and stress to your feet. (Hi-Tech Sports Ltd., 2014)

Another technology created by Hi-Tech is their i-shield innovation. This gives their footwear superior water repellency as well as resistance to stains and oil. This invisible guard is a solvent-soluble, low-viscosity liquid that provides protection for all open types of leather as well as most types of fabric and mesh. When it is combined with their Dri-Tech technology, their footwear becomes completely waterproof and totally protected from various outdoor elements. This allows the footwear to be ideal for most challenging trail and city adventures.


Hydrophobic – An invisible layer on the surface of the shoe’s material guards the footwear by repelling water.
Stay Clean – Since it’s stain-resistant, i-shield keeps your footwear looking cleaner.
Lightweight – I-shield does not absorb water – making the footwear lighter and more comfortable.
Breathable – By enhancing the surface of the footwear, i-shield essentially makes your footwear more breathable after treatment. (Hi-Tech Sports Ltd., 2014)

We’ve included some additional features of the Altitude boots below. However, be sure to visit us in store and we’ll help you find the size that fits your feet best.


  • Waterproof leather upper for durability
  • i-shield repels water and oil and prevents stains
  • Dri-Tec waterproof, breathable membrane
  • 200g Thinsulate insulation traps heat for cold weather comfort
  • OrthoLite® sock liner delivers superior cushioning and has anti-odour and anti-microbial properties
  • Durable rubber outsole for traction

(Hi-Tech Sports Ltd., 2014)FootFoundation


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