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Weekly Feature: Lowa

The season of autumn means many things to many different people. For most, however, it means cooler temperatures, hiking, and wrapping up last minute summer projects, such as landscaping, before the snow begins to fall. Because most of us spent our summer in sandals or barefoot at the lake, the last thing we intend to think about are shoes designed for various autumn activities.

LOWA is a company that strives to design outdoor boots and shoes while maintaining quality construction and process standards. LOWA was established in Jetzendorf, Germany in 1923 and since then 95% of its manufacturing has stayed within Europe. They purpose that by keeping their business on a local level, they will essentially reduce the amount energy needed to transport their footwear.

Along with reducing the amount of energy needed, LOWA is also conscious of reducing the amount of waste that goes into producing their footwear. Their leathers are manufactured in Germany and Italy, but they are very cautious in how those leathers are obtained: “We do not produce cows to make shoes. Top quality leathers come from cattle hide, bred for meat production. This eliminates waste and additional impact on the environment” (LOWA Boots, LLC, 2014).

LOWA is also conscious of how their boots and shoes affect their customers. They focus on the small details, like the durable materials used to allow their footwear to be so supportive to the wearer. They use a softer polyurethane (PU) in the midsoles which also offers better shock absorption and the ultimate comfort necessary.

LOWA boots also include their patented GORE-TEX® liner, which ensures that the boot has a more durable and smoother fit, resulting in less discomfort. Although they’ve put a lot of effort into ensuring that their footwear is comfortable, they have also put thought into the lifespan of their boots and shoes. By using a patented Monowrap construction, they ensure that the foot is wrapped “in a lightweight, yet firmly supportive, PU frame,” (LOWA Boots, LLC, 2014) which essentially delivers stability with extremely lightweight upper materials. This results in their footwear lasting anywhere from about five to seven years.

LOWA continues to strive for excellence in the development of their footwear. Stop in at Foot Foundation today to try on a pair for yourself.FootFoundation

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