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Weekly Feature: Fidelio

Fidelio was first founded by Martin Kasperek on August 1, 1995, as a shoe wholesaler. As customer demands grew and the market for footwear expanded, Kasperek chose to transition his company in another direction. In 2003, the company, Kasperek KG, became a producer of footwear rather than just a wholesaler.

There can often be uncertainties when expanding or making adjustments to a current business plan. However, Kasperek didn’t need to be concerned about the outlook of his company. With the switch from wholesaler to producer, Kasperek KG began offering well-fitting sandals and clog-like shoes known also as mules. This range of footwear was provided with the name, Fidelio. These shoes contained an anatomically formed foot bed that was removable to allow customers to insert their own custom or off-the-shelf orthotics. With this innovation, over 15, 000 pairs of shoes were sold within the first year. (History)

Kasperek KG’s success didn’t stop there. In 2005, Soft-Line was introduced to the market. Similar to the original design, Soft-Line provides high quality sandals and mules, but the foot beds are designed to ensure quality comfort (Soft-Line). Seeing the success Soft-Line brought to Kasperek KG’s existing line allowed another range of footwear to be introduced. In 2006, the Hallux range was born. This innovative design was created to allow further comfort specifically to those who have hallux valgus, or bunions. This line of footwear includes a stretchable insert designed to be perfectly integrated into the shoe. (Hallux)

With all the innovative advances to their product lines, Kasperek KG soon outgrew their location. In 2008, the company relocated to a state-of-the-art warehouse space located in the southern part of Linz, Austria. Along with an expansion of the company, Kasperek KG was re-named, and, thus, rebranded, Fidelio – merging both the product name and the company into one. Today, Fidelio is regarded as the footwear specialist in terms of footwear with bunion functionality. (History)

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