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Weekly Feature: Etonic

Etonic began in 1876 when Charles A. Eaton opened his first shoe factory in Brockton, MA. Originally known as C. A. Eaton Co., it was the largest manufacturer of boots and shoes for allied troops during World War I. By 1945, Eaton had ventured into manufacturing golf shoes where he quickly gained a reputation for leading-edge technology and design. By the mid-1950s, over 100 golf professionals wore the Etonic “Tournament of Champions” line. By 1976, C. A. Eaton Co. was known as Charles A. Eaton Golf Company. Today it is known as Etonic.

For over 100 years of manufacturing and producing footwear, Etonic has committed to advancing the performance, durability and comfort of its footwear, apparel and accessories in every category. Today, they carry an extensive line of golf, running, basketball, tennis, and performance walking footwear.

The walking footwear offers ultimate comfort, superior cushioning, support and motion control for health walking and everyday use. The support platform is designed to provide perfect motion control and medial support. Throughout its lifetime, Etonic has focused on what is most important to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They’ve determined to create footwear that has leading-edge technology, enhanced performance, and exceptional comfort and fit.

Newly developed outsole materials reduce negative ground impact while providing superior cushioning to the foot. Seamless upper materials have been perfected, offering superior breathability while anatomical, molded heal and ankle padding completes the fit. (Etonic, 2014)

Foot Foundation carries a number of performance walking and running footwear. We offer both men’s and women’s styles and each shoe contains a removable foot bed to allow customized orthotics to be inserted.

Give us a call or visit us in store to view all our available styles and selections.


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