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Weekly Feature: Berkemann

Looking for footwear that has a genuine history behind them? Do you desire a pair of shoes with a supporting arch? Berkemann shoes may be the right fit for you.

Berkemann : HomeIn 1885, Heinrich Ad. Berkemann began his claim to fame, by producing beautiful, comfortable, and well-fitting shoes. Fortunately for Berkemann, ingenuity joined quality and the first serially produced orthopedic insoles caused a sensation at the Hamburg shoemakers' trade fair in 1903. His business became the first supplier of supporting arch bridges in the world.

With the business expanding, it began to supply exhibitions, receive prices for supporting arch bridge models, and also acquired the first customers abroad. This permitted the company to grow and increase production.

As the years progressed, there were difficulties that faced the Berkemann company such as difficult post-war years and the Great Depression. In spite of all these complications, Berkemann remained an up-and-coming business. It became part of the economic miracle in Germany during the 1950s.

Original Sandal was the first best seller in company history and marked the advance into new economic and shoe-making dimensions. With the Original Sandal, revenue increases of up to fifty percent were initially generated. Besides the Original Sandal, it is the Toeffler that also became a classic. With its thick sole made of light-weight poplar wood, it has been ensuring an optimal foot climate since 1964. (Berkemann)

Since 2005, the company has undergone relocation, which has permitted footwear to be distributed more efficiently. It has also allowed employees to concentrate on key areas of development, sales, and customer care. Although changes are present within and without the company, the goal of Berkemann remains unchanged: "to continue to retain customer trust in the proven products, open up new markets, and offer innovative products, thus leading the German brand with the long tradition successfully through the 21st century" (Berkemann)

Come in today and see what Berkemann shoes are all about. You may find the perfect footwear to fit your style.


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