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Weekly Feature: Acor CLEARANCE

Foot Foundation is clearing out our spring and summer stock to make room for incoming fall and winter footwear! We have Acor footwear on sale for over 35% off!

Acor Orthopedic was established in 1972. This family-owned company is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and is a supplier and manufacturer of a variety of footwear products. These can include: foot orthotics, diabetic shoes and comfort footwear, as well as custom footwear among other options.  Their main goal in the manufacturing of footwear is "to provide function and comfort for the end user" (Acor Orthopedic, Inc., 2014).

Acor has developed some footwear innovations that are prominent in many of their standard and custom footwear. One of these keys designs involve the innovative system called X-Static®, "a pure silver fiber woven directly into [their] shoes, insoles, and fabricating materials [to offer] superior benefits not found in any other products in the medical footwear industry" (Acor Orthopedic, Inc., 2014). X-Static® kills bacteria and fungi and reduces foot odors that are often present in footwear.

On average, our feet sweat a cup of moisture per day. The heat and moisture that build up in our shoes create a breeding ground for these bacteria and fungi to grow. Bacteria are only one cause of body odor. Ammonia and denatured proteins are also significant contributors to odor in footwear. Incredibly, both ammonia and denatured proteins bind most readily with silver. Because silver is on the outside of the fiber, X-Static® allows for immediate binding with these odor causing agents – resulting in instant odor reduction! (Acor Orthopedic, Inc., 2014)

Acor constantly strives to create footwear that maintains a level of comfort for the wearer. Come into Foot Foundation today. These shoes won't last long!


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