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Weekly Feature: Wolky

Do you find that you’re often searching for that perfect pair of shoes? The ones that make it feel like you’re walking on air? Well, your search can come to an end! Foot Foundation may be able to provide you with the footwear you’re looking for. Compared to many brand names offered at Foot Foundation,…

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Weekly Feature: Royer

  In 1934 New England, Louis-Philippe Royer was struggling to provide for his family’s basic necessities. In the midst of a terrible economic crisis, he opened a small workshop in his house. This allowed him to use his previously learned skills as a shoemaker to craft and produce construction boots for those working in the fields.…

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Weekly Feature: Lowa

The season of autumn means many things to many different people. For most, however, it means cooler temperatures, hiking, and wrapping up last minute summer projects, such as landscaping, before the snow begins to fall. Because most of us spent our summer in sandals or barefoot at the lake, the last thing we intend to…

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Weekly Feature: Neos

Although the calendar still says we’re in the season of summer, the temperatures and weather conditions seem to state otherwise. As the temperatures drop and the fall approaches quickly, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your footwear. Not all footwear is designed to endure wet conditions or salt from the roads. Should that stop…

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Weekly Feature: P.W. Minor

Do you often spend a great deal of time searching for shoes that fit your feet properly? Perhaps you need extra depth to assist with ankle control and support. Or maybe you need shoes that allow for various corrective or supportive assistants such as orthotics or highly customized orthopedic devices and/or braces. Well, look no…

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Weekly Feature: Flip flops

September’s approaching quickly and that can only mean the warm days of summer won’t be here forever. Are you living vicariously through your summer footwear in an attempt to get the last few beach days in? Year after year, studies are done on the trendy footwear that many folks wear consistently throughout the summer months. And,…

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Weekly Feature: Naot

When Kibbutz Naot Mordechai founded the kibbutz shoe factory, it was a one room workshop that made simple work shows and sandals. Today, it has become an international business and Israel’s leading manufacturer and exporter of shoes. Naot manufactures a large variety of footwear with a unique anatomical footpad. The footpad is a “negative” print…

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Weekly Feature: Romika

The ROMIKA brand was first established in 1922 when Mr. Hans Rollman, Mr. Karl Michael, and Mr. Karl Kaufman decided to start a business using the first two letters of their surnames to  create a brand name RO MI KA. This name “became a synonym for high quality premium footwear products worldwide” (ROMIKA, 2006). When…

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Weekly Feature: Dr. Comfort

Do you find shoe shopping a frustrating task? Do you get discouraged when you’re unable to find a shoe size that fits your feet? A Foot Foundation, we have a solution. Located in our store front, we can offer you the opportunity to try on a variety of sizes as well as wide or regular…

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