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Diabetic Socks

Diabetic Socks at Foot Foundation

The Simcan® Comfort Sock

Foot Foundation carries Simcan® comfort socks which is a combination of combed cotton and spandex and is knit to provide consistent comfort from the toe to the very top of the sock. These socks are designed to accommodate almost any leg and foot size in a way that will not restrict the wearer's natural circulation.

"Using only the best in available hosiery technology, premium blends of natural and high tech fibres and sophisticated quality assurance procedures, Simcan® produces some of the most trusted brand names in hosiery today, [including:] The Simcan Comfort Sock Wool®, Comfeez®, WORKables®, Leg Savers®, ComfortPlus®, Tender Tops®, NaturWells®." (Simcan® Comfort Hosiery 2013)

The features of Simcan® products are most favourable for those with diabetes, poor vascular circulation, edema, arthritis, and/or wide ankles. For more information regarding these Simcan® products, visit their website at www.simcan.net or visit us in store.

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